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I cannot log in. What should I do?
If you can no longer log in, please try the following steps:
- check your phone number and passcode whether they are entered correctly
- check your internet connection
- check that you have installed the latest version of Vivy (You can check in the App Store or the Google Play Store whether an update for Vivy is available and install it if you have not done so).
- you can change your password and log in again
- As a last step try uninstalling and reinstalling the app and log in

If you still cannot log in after going through all of these measures, please get in touch with your health insurance company including the following information:
- what kind of phone model you are using
- the version of your operating system(eg. Android 9, iOS 14.2)
- vivy version installed

Note: After five unsuccessful attempts to access your account, it will be blocked for five minutes. After another five failed attempts, the block will be extended to one hour.


How can I change my passcode?:
If you have forgotten your passcode, click the "Enter new passcode" option on the login screen. Please enter your phone number and a 6 digits SMS pin code will be sent to your phone number. Enter the 6 digits SMS pin code and select a 4 digits PIN and click on "Submit."

Please be aware that it can take up to 10 minutes to activate the new password. Then go back to the login screen in the Vivy app and log in with your phone number and the new password. Alternatively, you can also change your passcode through My Data > Settings > Account with the same process shown as above.

Please check your spam folder first and make sure you have not reported Vivy as spam in your email or you will not receive the password reset email for those who have not switched to the new 4-digits passcode.

SMS not received

I did not receive the SMS pin. Please try the steps below:
- please first check whether your phone number is correct. To do this, click on the back button.
- please also check your mobile connection in receiving an SMS, making sure you are in an environment where there is a good connection is guaranteed

The code that I have received via SMS is invalid:
If the code you received via SMS is invalid, it is usually because you have requested multiple codes by tapping the request code button several times. However, the text message sometimes arrives with a slight delay and the new code has already been generated in the background so the first one is no longer valid.Therefore, please be patient when requesting a verification code. Please wait until you receive a SMS without tapping "Request Code" again. The 60 seconds countdown is not the time you have to enter the confirmation code. You will have ten minutes to enter so there is no need to rush.It is also possible that your mobile phone shows the "wrong" time as in not the local time. In this case, Vivy thinks that the code is not valid anymore because the code expires after ten minutes.Hence, please check whether you have chosen a different time zone (e.g. England or America) or if the time is simply not entered correctly. Please make sure that your phone number has not been blocked by your provider.

If you still have difficulties in getting a code, please contact your health insurance company and let them know:
- which type of device you are using
- which version of your operating system is installed (eg. Android 12, iOS 16.4.1)
- which Vivy version
- which mobile operator you are using

Change contact details

Changing email address:
Go to the My Data screen > settings > accounts. Click on change email address and enter your new email address. Click next and your email address will be successfully changed.

Changing phone number:
Changing phone number is not possible for now directly in the app. Please contact your insurance company to request this.

How to delete your data

If you would like to stop using Vivy and delete your account, you can do this by yourself within the app. Please navigate to My Data > Settings > Account. On this page, you’ll find the option to delete your account.

To delete your account, you have to provide your account password. After verifying your password, your account will be locked and deleted after a safety period including all your data that is stored by Vivy.

You will then get a confirmation email sent to your email address which you used to register Vivy. After you have deleted your account, you are safe to uninstall the Vivy app from your device.

Operating system that Vivy supports

- Android 9 and above
- IOS 14.2 and above

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